BERG Elite Regular 430 14FT Trampoline + Safety Net DLX XL

BERG Elite Regular 430 14FT Trampoline + Safety Net DLX XL

(Please note this model is available in GREY currently)

Equipped with TwinSpring Gold springs and the innovative AirFlow jumping mat, this trampoline offers 50% more AirFlow for higher jumps and reduced resistance. Experience the best jumping comfort with the BERG Elite, the perfect choice for endless fun!


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BERG Elite Regular 430 14FT Trampoline + Safety Net DLX XL

The BERG Elite is BERG’s top-of-the-range trampoline. The sturdy protective edge is made of the best material, which makes the BERG Elite suitable for intensive use. The Elite protective edge is also extremely UV resistant. This trampoline has TwinSpring Gold springs and the unique AirFlow jumping mat for ultimate jumping comfort. The AirFlow jumping mat allows 50% more AirFlow, ensuring less resistance and higher jumps. In short, the best jumping comfort! The XL range comes with a bigger safety netting.


Key Features

• The Airflow jumping mat allows 50% more airflow. This results in better jumping comfort and higher and more flexible jumping!
• Because the TwinSpring Gold springs are placed at an angle, they are extra long and supple without reducing the jumping surface.
• Extra safety due to the thick PVC protective edge.
• The Safety Net has a self-closing entrance with distinctive trim, thick foam around the poles and is of good quality. A safe solution!
• The structure of the trampoline and the net is very sturdy due to the construction and the steel clamps and assembly pieces.
• Extra long lifespan of the protective edge due to an upper and lower layer of no less than 0.55-mm-thick PVC.


Max Weight 120kg
Padding 45mm
Springs 128
Height 275cm
Length 430cm
Width 430cm


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