BERG Street-X Venom Go-Kart

BERG Street-X Venom Go-Kart

Prepare for an unparalleled experience as both models offer cutting-edge features. Equipped with the innovative BFR system, you’ll have the power to brake seamlessly with the pedals and execute instant reversals from a standstill. Embrace the newfound flexibility that the Street-X provides and redefine your automotive adventure!


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BERG Street-X Venom Go-Kart

Introducing the Street-X: Is it a go-kart? Or perhaps a motorbike? Well, with this race-monster on three wheels, you get the best of both worlds, and the best version of yourself too! Experience the thrill of taking sharp corners and executing cool maneuvers by simply balancing your body. You and your Street-X will become a whirlwind on wheels!

Choose between the stylish Venom and the vibrant Vibes designs, both offering the same remarkable features. The innovative BFR systems allow you to brake with the pedals and instantly reverse from a standstill, making you more agile than ever before!

With the Street-X, you’ll defy limits and explore new possibilities. Its high-quality pneumatic tires provide excellent grip and unparalleled comfort. The adjustable seat position ensures that you’ll always feel secure and at ease. Additionally, the Street-X is equipped with two sturdy guards to offer added protection for your hands.

The green Street-X Venom and the blue Street-X Vibes are suitable for children aged six and above, with an adjustable buckle for a perfect fit. Experience the freedom of endless fun and excitement with the one-of-a-kind Street-X!

– Enjoy a personalized riding experience with an adjustable seat
– Experience a comfortable ride with pneumatic tyres on the BERG Street-X
– Easily steer by simply shifting your body weight
– Built to last with a sturdy steel frame
– Protective handguards for added safety
– Experience seamless braking and immediate reverse with the BFR system


ColourBlack / Green
Warranty12 Months

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