JumpKing Deluxe Ladder

JumpKing Deluxe Ladder

The ladder is incredibly user-friendly. Just hook it over the curved top rail and let the two flat runs provide a comfortable and secure grip, particularly for the little ones.


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JumpKing Deluxe Ladder

Our deluxe Jumpking galvanised steel ladder will fit all ranges and sizes of Jumpking trampolines, from our small 6ft round trampolines to our superior 14ft x 17ft Oval trampoline.

Simply hook the ladder over the curved top rail, the two flat runs make it easy and comfortable for little ones to use. The ladders flat base ensures an even weight load is spread onto the grass, stopping the ladder from sinking into the soil.

Our deluxe Jumpking ladder will fit other makes of trampolines up to a height of 3ft. It has an adjustable height of between 87cm and 95cm and width of 40cm.

Our trampoline ladder will make it easy for your little ones to climb up and down, offering a little extra safety and accessibility.

We supply a large range of other useful trampoline accessories, including trampoline tie down kits and trampoline covers.

If you have a small trampoline 8ft or under, these trampolines are normally lower to the ground, the ladder can still be used, remove the base and replace the red stoppers to make lower.

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