Vuly Thunder Tent & Shade Cover

Vuly Thunder Tent Shade Cover

Transform your fantastic Vuly trampoline into an extraordinary sleepover haven and relish camping in your own backyard with the revolutionary Vuly TENT.


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Vuly Thunder Tent Shade Cover

Turn your awesome Vuly trampoline into a super sleepover space and enjoy camping in your back garden with the innovative Vuly TENT. Made from quality soft Oxford cloth this TENT is stylish and weather resistant and has integrated windows which can be opened or closed to help regulate the TENT temperature

The SHADE COVER is great for hot days and wet days, able to resist rain fall the shade can be quickly and easily attached to the trampoline.

Attach the SHADE COVER with or without the walls for added convenience and functionality.

NOTE:  This each size of Vuly Thunder Trampoline Tent and Cover will ONLY fit its designated trampoline size  and is NOT deigned to be left attached indefinitely.  Use the SHADE COVER through the Summer to stay sun safe and add the walls to create a fun, enclosed sleepover space.    

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10ft Medium, 12ft Large, 14ft Extra Large